martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009


Suri Cruise has become an icon of kid’s fashion. Her wardrobe is valued in three million dollars, and she is only three years old. Even her mother, Katie Holmes, that is going to launch her own line of clothing, has said that her daughter is her muse. Katie also has indicated that her daughter loves to dress up.

We also know that little Suri loves to wear heels, but a lot of people criticize this. Since Suri first was spotted in public in her child-sized kitten heels earlier this fall, a debate was sparked on the web and in parent's magazines over whether they could present a risk to the child’s growth. Katie Holmes said:

"Suri, like every little girl, she loves my high heels. The truth is that the ones she uses, they are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them. What’s more, Suri loves her heels and she is so ‘vain’ that she wouldn’t wear trainers, for considering them boy’s shoes”

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